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Let one of our Puctto Gurus install the widget for you

Once you’ve installed Puctto on your store, simply email our Head Guru to install the tiny bit of code for you. They’ll make sure the “try-on” icon works perfectly on your Shopify theme.

There is a $179.00 install fee which includes five 'try-on' products uploaded.  

This process includes selecting products from your store that have been photographed 'front-on' and some photoshop work. We will remove the background of each product, put it on a transparent background, crop it tightly and save it as a png and then upload it to your Store's Shopify database.

Our Puctto Guru will invoice you in two installments.

70% upfront and 30% when the five products are live on your store.

If you would like more 'try -on' products uploaded they can be done for $4.25 per product image.


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Are you a merchant developer and want to become a Puctto Guru? 

Please reach out 

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