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  • How much does PUCTTO cost?
    We have a three-tiered subscription model, based on the number of products that have the Try On icon: Small: $29 per/month 1-150 SKU Medium: $89 per/month 151-799 SKU Large: $129 per/month 800+ SKU All based in USD
  • What else do subscriptions include?
    All subscriptions give you the following extra benefits: User photo uploads – shoppers can upload their photos to try on your clothes User closet – shoppers can save looks in their personal closet, returning at any time to add more looks User closet sharing – shoppers can share looks with friends User insights – receive data and analytics regarding items shoppers have tried on and saved into their closets Retailer model – retailers can upload images of their own models, to replace the existing Puctto model
  • Am I locked into a contract?
    No, you can opt out at any time, any problems, just let us know:
  • Do my customers’ photos stay private?
    Yes they do. Please check out our privacy policy.
  • Can the Puctto widget be installed on all Shopify Themes?
    Yes it should. However, depending on your theme, you may need to do some customisation for the try on button placement. Please contact one of Puctto Gurus to check for you. Contact our Head Guru directly: or choose a Guru from our directory: (remember, this is a free service*)

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