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How much does the Puctto widget cost?

We want to give all fashion retailers and designers – no matter how small – the opportunity to offer your customers a virtual try-on experience that isn’t complicated or expensive. 

Shoppers use Puctto for free. If you’re a retailer, there’s a small charge, based on how many products feature the try-on button. 



Free (up to 10 SKU): 30-day trial

Small (1-150 SKU): $29/month  

Medium (151-799 SKU): $89/month

Large (800+ SKU): $129/month



What else do subscriptions include? Click here for details. 

How much does it cost for a Puctto Guru to install the widget?

Nothing, zilch, nada – it’s completely free for all retailers who sign up to a monthly subscription.

Pricing   FREE

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