Week Three: Customer Engagement

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How do we work on getting our best customers to engage with us?

You want to look at the complete customer journey and how we can get our customers through the journey more efficiently and effectively, through engagement. 

You can consider engagement throughout the whole journey. For example: in acquisition you can ask for friends to sign up as well. 

Customer Engagement is two way. 

I might attempt to engage you in a conversation, but we engage only when you participate as well. It needs to feel like it’s a mutual engagement.

What business hack do you use to not spend your life on social media?

Learn how your best customers engage with social media. Go to where they are, have conversations and see how they use social media – scrolling, marketplace, communities.

Rather than spending time and money creating social media ads, spend that time learning about your best customer, how and where they browse and what helps them make that decision to buy.

Why is it so important that we’re talking to our best customers?

“You can learn valuable things asking the right people the wrong questions, but if you’re talking to the wrong people, it doesn’t matter what you ask“ Erika Hall 

Getting to the right people and spending time with them, you will be learning something and creating that two-way engagement. 

How would I measure an engagement strategy?

Visitors X Conversion rates X Lifetime cash value – variable costs in achieving the sale

At the most basic level, start at the end. Ask yourself “What story do I want to tell?” and work back through all the points in the customer journey and identify what data you need to be on track to identify you’re meeting your targets of success.

There are certain data points that will change each day, week and month. Data can be automated or manual. You need to determine when you need the data for the decision point. 

What are three tips you can give an online fashion retailer to create and measure customer engagement?

  1. Know what success looks like for your customer – “Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare.” Japanese proverb. 
  2. Personalise your engagement, wherever possible – this takes more time, but provides more opportunities to learn and increase engagement.
  3. Utilise your website more effectively – your website is an incredible way of creating engagement and learning more about the people coming to your site. 

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