Week Four: Subscribe

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Firstly, what is the definition of Subscribe in a customer journey context? 

Subscribe is saying yes to something and providing their details. It’s telling you they are interested in your offer and you can activate them. It’s also an ideal opportunity to provide real value before they pay you a cent. 

When someone subscribes it:

  • Allows you to provide something of value
  • Lets you further identify whether they are, in fact, an ideal customer
  • Provides you with data to help them succeed in their journey with you
  • Helps you to validate (or invalidate) any assumptions you’ve made around what your ideal customers will actually value the most
  • Allows them ideally to bring others along on the journey

What are three ways to get people to subscribe before a sale? 

  1. Offering early access to products by being part of a community. They could preselect areas of interest to them and invite friends to join too
  2. Provide a personality activity. Learn what sort of buyer they are and what they want to be. It can help you to understand their current behaviour and goals as well. 

For retail – they can learn about the style of clothing they wear and what they want to wear. 

For recruitment – what type of employee they are and what sort they want to be. 

  1. Offer a dressing room type space, somewhere they can invite their friends to provide feedback on the solutions they are looking at. 

This can work for physical items, software items and services because social proof is super powerful. 

My customers want a fast and easy checkout, so should I be asking them to subscribe at the sale? 

For customers that are moved very quickly to the cart without subscribing already, always offer an opportunity to subscribe when paying. However, give them a reason to. 

Talk to me about those pop-up boxes on eCommerce sites. Do they actually work? 

Only if I can immediately get something of value such as the examples mentioned above. 

What are three tips to improve subscription strategy, today? 

  1. Ensure your strategy covers off on as many of the five elements – providing value, further identification, providing data, validate or invalidate assumptions, and allowing them to bring others along on the journey.
  2. Capture the information that supports your awareness, acquisition and engagement strategies. For example, don’t collect just email addresses if you don’t email often. Consider other contact details such as Instagram handles if that’s where you engage, or have them join a Facebook Group or Slack community. 
  3. Always be thinking about how you can be more generous, how you can make things more simple, how you can remove friction, remove steps that don’t help your customers win. 

Okay, I’ve successfully got their contact details, what’s my aim now? 

Firstly, don’t just collect contact details if they are not your ideal customers. If they are ideal customers, illustrate immediately that they made a good decision in sharing their information with you. They immediately need access to items and their friends need to be immediately invited to join – ideally from them, rather than from your business. 

If you’ve provided the personality activity example – provide immediate results and solutions on how to achieve what they want to be. 

If you’ve provided the dressing room example – it needs to be available immediately to them and invite them to share and get feedback from their network. 

Next time, we’re talking about Nurture as the next step. Can you give us a brief definition of Nurture in this context?

Nurture is fostering and reinforcing a relationship with your ideal customer. This should be done at every stage of the customer journey and needs to feel human, create a shared identity as you invite them into a really valuable community for them. 

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