Week Five: Nurture

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Firstly, what is nurture? And why do we need to commit time to this step?

Nurture strategy allows you to create a more meaningful relationship with each of your ideal customers. It allows you to better understand each other. It provides you with valuable information to customise their experience as you better understand their fears, their needs, their desires, their goals, and their behaviours. 

It’s far more effective to keep customers than it is to find new ones and as a result, nurturing is the most important element in the customer journey. It needs to be incorporated at every step. 

What does a great nurturing strategy look like?

A great nurturing strategy has a clear goal, with a clear audience. It’s personalised beyond a simple name change. It captures data quickly so you can identify how they are responding to the strategy. 

It aligns with the values of your business and it helps you build trust. An even better strategy does these things plus it allows the other people in your community  – other customers and partners – to continue building on this relationship with them also. For example, via customers with similar problems or needs interacting inside your system.

So, what tells me that my nurturing strategy is working?

I would ask – is this person getting to know me? – does this person come to me for advice? – does this person really trust me? – and is this person inviting me to meet their friends? 

If you can’t do this with the data you’re receiving form your customer community – it’s not working
If you have this data and the relationship with each of your ideal customers is not building and growing – it’s not working
If your ideal customers are not progressing through your customer journey – it’s not working

3 tips on how to improve your nurturing strategy

1. Build out a nurture map for the full customer journey. 
Be really clear on how you are building a relationship with them throughout their experience with you and make sure it’s about relationship building and nurturing, not selling. 

2. Segment your audience
For example, make sure your community is receiving nurturing communications to suit the spot they are in the journey. You don’t want to be sending nurturing communications to long-term engaged paying customers that are designed for new pre-purchasers. It’s not about customising for each demographic yet, but simply thinking about basic templates which allow you to nurture your relationships most effectively.

3. Use data and automations
Think about how their engagement with your nurturing strategy helps you to validate their position in the customer journey. For example, how they highlight whether they are loyal or may be advocates for your business and think about whether there are ways to automate this strategy with a scoring system – so you can very quickly see how valuable your relationships are with each and every person in your community. 

4. A Bonus

If you feel out of depth with this – reach out to those who can help you with this.

Next time, we’re talking about Conversion as the next step. Can you give us a brief definition of Conversion in this context?

Conversion is about your ideal customers reaching a desired goal or taking a desired action. A conversion rate is important here because it helps identify the rate at which an ideal customer takes to reach this goal or takes to actually take this desired action. Often businesses refer specifically to the conversion as a sale and I believe this is where we’ll be focusing next time. 

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