Wardrobe Staples: Apero T-shirts

by | May 7, 2021 | Blog

I love a good tee. I mean when you’re in a rush, it’s the easiest and quickest option to get a fresh outfit going while also being able to get the “mood of the day” across (mostly casual chic). Everyone knows that a white and black tee are absolute wardrobe staples. They go with any outfit whether you’re wearing jeans, work pants, a pleated skirt or nothing but a t-shirt (oversized as a dress, obviously).

Statement tees are a great way to get your personality across and you can dress it up or down accordingly to what time of the day it is. Usually made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton, t-shirts are an all-year star in your wardrobe.

A great brand for tee’s is Apero label, an Australian brand that gives back to their community by donating 5% of their online sales to the Women’s Shelter. I’m absolutely thrilled when a brand commits to helping people and personally feel more positive about shopping from them.

A classic scoop-neck statement piece made from the best materials one can want: cotton and linen. Yes, please (add to cart).

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A bit of an oversized boyfriend-fit is always welcome, as seen in this animal print pattern tee. Paired with white trousers for a more elevated day look or jeans with mules for the night time.

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Definitely my favorite piece, everything from the khaki color to the artistic vibe of the tee and embroidery, makes me love it every time I look at it. Wear with white jeans or a denim skirt and slide on sandals for a casual day look (would look amazing for holidays too) or dress up with sandal heels.

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This J’adore beaded tee is blazer perfect. Also paired with black jeans or leather leggings and sneakers makes it a good on the go look.

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Lastly, for an absolute statement tee – go bead and gold. This bronze-toned logo front pops out with its stunning hand work of all those different style and color beads working together in harmony for a super cool flow.

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And that’s a t-shirt wrap,