TTL demo day

by | May 5, 2021 | Blog

Belinda and Crystal pitched at the TTL Demo Day on Tuesday 3rd December. The team spoke about the traction gained as part of the program, including:

Creating customer value journeys for shoppers and retailers, linked to a sales funnel, new website, landing pages and nurture sequences.

Engagement has increased with shoppers, retailers, brands, influencers, stylists and marketing agencies in both Australia and the US.

The development team are working on product fixes, database access and developing the Shopify app for retailer installation.

The demo evening wraps up Puctto’s full time participation in the program.

US Connections. A cohort trip of the Turbo Traction Lab is being planned for the US in late May 2020. The Puctto Team will use this trip to connect with Shopify retailers, experiment with US shopper engagement and create connections through our US Advisor and mentors.


A big thanks to all the TTL team:

Elize Hattin, Daniel Johnsen, Tamara Loehr, Natalie Nichols, Phil Martin, Chris Lorang, Chris Harris, Shaun Restorick-Barton, Dean Dobson, Orren Prunckun


The Puctto team highly recommend Turbo Traction Lab to any startup – what an amazing opportunity!