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by | May 6, 2021 | Blog

Puctto in simple terms means – Pop Up Clothes to Try On. According to Vogue Business, “platforms that let people engage with clothes digitally are on the rise,” and with the effects of COVID-19 on fashion retail, digital fashion tools can attract new customers, increase engagement and brand awareness. That’s where Puctto comes in.

It may be difficult and expensive for some retailers to make their brand visible to new audiences, but we believe it’s more important now than ever to support and promote all Australian fashion designers. That’s why we are committed to uploading labels on our website absolutely free of charge for the next 12 months!

Why Puctto?

Puctto is a patented technology that lets shoppers visualize fashion items on a photo of themselves and share their looks with friends or decide whether the item they’ve got their eyes on is for them. It really takes the shopping experience further and reflects a change in how consumers shop today.

1. It can form trusting relationships between the brand and customer, once they try, see and like themselves in your items.

2. Increase engagement by being mentioned on our website and blog, in addition to increasing the chances of sales by adding value to the shopping experience.

3. Save consumers’ time, by providing a virtual try-ons solution, which reflects the growth of customers opting to shop from home.

We welcome any fashion brand, no matter how big or small to join our fashion directory by filling out a short form and we will get cracking on uploading your items for customers to try on online.


Contact crystal@puctto.com for more information on how to be listed on our website.


Support Australian Fashion!

By shopping from Australian labels, consumers can support the industry and come together at such a vulnerable time. We have so many talented designers and amazing brands worth checking out on our website and will hopefully be constantly adding more for you to shop, try, share, buy. No more mistake purchases, just perfectly styled looks that work for you.

Try on this Apero Label white blouse on Puctto

Try on this white blouse on this Apero Label skirt on Puctto

Some of our featured brands are:

Apero Label


Uncommon Store

Two Green Stones.


They can be found on our try-feed and directory. Click icon below.