Pieces of art

by | May 7, 2021 | Blog

I first heard of Christie Nicolaides in one of my lessons at university, we had a guest lecturer, who had worked on building the brand up with her, come and talk to us. She described Christie as a person who knew exactly what she wanted and not one to compromise with her brand vision for anyone. That’s something you don’t hear every day – that kind of belief in the vision from the very start, and it reminded me of Ralph Lauren, who had declined Bloomingdale’s request to change the size of his ties during a wholesale negotiation and walked out – he later described this moment as the turning point in his life – “had I changed that tie, I would not be here today.” For some reason, that story really stuck with me ever since when I think of the Christie brand.

I later that day went wandering around the city before my next lecture and I came across one of the most seductive and intriguing shop fronts I had seen. There it was, amongst the dark cabinets and gold ornaments, Christie Nicolaides jewellery. The most stunning pieces of art. Immediately, I wanted to purchase ALL, but alas the price and my bank account did not come to an agreement. However, I did order a pair of earrings online a month later.

Images: The Weekend Edition

Blending glamour and contemporary chic, these pieces are a must have, especially for collectors of unique jewellery or women who are looking for an extra special item to add to a celebratory or simply fabulous look.

Try these fresh water pearl earrings on via Puctto

These gold-plated, hot pink earrings can either be the finishing touch if you love pink or make any monochromatic outfit stand out.

Try on these Abella earrings via Puctto

Anything green – I want it! Especially now that chunky jewellery is a trend and can elevate any look.

By sharing this incredible store with you via Puctto, every woman can try them on for herself and feel absolutely dazzling. And oh boy do they make you bedazzled.