Pants Power 2020

by | May 6, 2021 | Blog

Pants. You’ve got to wear them! Okay, maybe you don’t have to, but they certainly beat wearing jeans any day of the week, in both style and comfort.

So, I had a look at a designer, who is renowned for being a kind of pants expert – the posh to the spice, Victoria Beckham. Her brand is the foundation for effortless, yet elegant dressing. With an aesthetic and silhouette loved by many, she has introduced high-waistlines and a range of colours.

All Victoria Beckham styles available to try on the Puctto feed:

Inspired by classic men’s tailoring, a wide leg, high-waist or a front split, available in colorful mix and match colors, made from cotton or stretchy, textured fabrics, all with a purpose.

A high-waist in pants can hide a small belly and show of your waist with a tucked in blouse or sweater. Whereas a skinnier leg will make you seem taller, while combining the comfort of leggings and smart dress, and will pair exceptionally well with high heels.

And if you’re not one to spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect pant, why not try going for a similar silhouette from a more affordable brand such as Witchery, Fashion Bunker or Next.

Witchery on sale, available to try on the Puctto feed:

Keepsake, available to try on the Puctto feed:


Next, available to try on the Puctto feed:


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