Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Strike the PUCTTO pose?
Let there be light

  • Lighting is important. Find a light source that shines and flatters. Try to avoid harsh shadows.

For full-length shots, follow these easy steps:

  • Don’t slouch: make sure that your shoulders are back and relaxed (not hunched). Good posture is the key to a great result.
  • Make sure your arms, legs, feet and torso are facing the camera straight-on.
  • Get someone to take your photo from about 3-4m (10-12ft) away, directly in front of you and with the camera held at about your waist height.
  • Your feet should be about 20cm (7-8 inches) apart.
  • Let your arms hang at your sides, slightly away from your body and with relaxed hands.
It’s what’s underneath that matters

For the best PUCTTO photos, wear a swimsuit or underwear, so your real clothing isn’t visible under your virtual clothing (remember, your pictures are completely private and only accessible to you in your PUCTTO account).

The right angles
Try a range of different photos, including a headshot for earrings, glasses and necklaces; your hands for watches and feet for shoes.
Are my PUCTTO Pose photos secure?
Yes, they are. We do not store or have access to any uploaded photos (unless you share them via social media/email). For more info, please check out our privacy policy.
Can I upload more than one PUCTTO Pose?
Yes you can!

Try a range of different photos, including a headshot for earrings, glasses and necklaces; your hands for watches and feet for shoes. Candid shots look great too.


How much does PUCTTO cost?

We have a three-tiered subscription model:

Small$29 USD p/m1-150 SKU
Medium$89 USD p/m151-799 SKU
Large$129 USD p/m 800+ SKU

All subscriptions models include:

  • Photo Upload
  • User Closet
  • Closet Sharing
  • User Insights
Am I locked into a contract?

No, you can opt out at any time, by emailing us

Will PUCTTO work on all Shopify Themes?

Yes it should. However, if you have any problems with the layout, please get in touch –

Do my customers’ photos stay private?
Yes they do. Please check out our privacy policy.
What are the image requirements for PUCTTO try on photos?
Try on photos are the photos that your shoppers will layer over their photo. Images need to:

  • Be photographed front on – don’t use angled or side on photos
  • Not have hair, hands or clothing in front of the try on image
  • Have the background removed
  • Be saved on a transparent background
  • Be saved as a png file
  • be cropped closely around the edge of the product

Watch the video for a step by step video on how to take and edit photos.

If in-house editing is not an option, here are some helpful photo editing providers. Let them know you’re after PUCTTO TRY ON photos and they’ll know just what to do!
(Service fees for editing will be charged through the providers.)

Support operating hours

Please email us and a real human will respond to your request as soon as humanly possible – usually within 24 hours.

I have a question?

Please submit your questions (HERE) – we would love to hear from you.

Please share your reviews with us

We are very proud of PUCTTO, and our aim is to offer you and your customers the best in virtual change room technology, but of course we would love your feedback. Please take the time to write a review