Week One: An Introduction To A Customer Journey

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What is a customer journey map?

A customer journey is a visual representation of the experience your customers have the whole way through their journey with you. The journey starts with being made aware of you, through to being interested in what you offer, trying out what you offer, then paying for something and telling others about you.

When you map out a customer journey, it’s clear to see what is working, what’s not working and where you should be prioritising your time. 

We know it’s important to define your target customer, but tell me more about understanding ‘your best customer’?

Your most ideal customer is:

  • Easy to attract
  • Takes minimal effort to keep
  • Becomes loyal, and 
  • Is a recurrent buyer, naturally

Your ideal customer will be different at different stages of the business. It’s easy to get caught up, focusing on your future ideal customer. You really need to be focusing on the ideal customer that you can serve today.

How do you create a customer journey map?

The seven stages of building a customer journey map:

  1. Write the ideal customer story – the story that sits at the top of your website for everyone to see.
  2. Identify all the stakeholders that will help get that customer to the end result.
  3. Whiteboard every step of the process from awareness to referral – with the end in mind.
  4. Place icons next to each step of the process that defines: where the customer receives value, where engagement occurs, where the customer starts paying, where you can upsell.
  5. Colour code each step, based on assumptions – base level, expectations of a paying customer, customer would pay more and lastly, remove any offer that the customer doesn’t expect, nor would pay for. 
  6. Assess which elements can be automated, delegated and/or pushed into the future.
  7. Finally, how can the customer journey be more simple, how can value be added and where can friction be removed. 

Once you have created a customer journey, what is the next step?

Identify the riskiest assumptions on 1) the value being offered and 2) how to grow the customer base.

Understand that you’re always wrong, it’s your job to work out if you’re 1% wrong or 99% wrong.

If you’re focussed on price as your value, be sure that your ideal customer cares about price. Similarly, if you’re focussed on social media to grow your customer base, be sure to know which platforms your ideal customers use and how they use them. If you’re wrong, your customers may never find out about you in the first place. 

How can you measure success throughout the journey?

Data, data, data!

As business owners, we’re often out looking for data to validate the blood, sweat and tears we have put into the business. Ultimately, this can be disastrous.

Lead and lag indicators will tell you if you are winning every day. Lead indicators are the metrics you can directly control and have a direct impact on achieving your targets. An example on lag and lead indicators for building awareness – a lag indicator would be followers on Instagram; while a lead indicator would be the number of Instagram Stories I put out tagging my customers and their friends.   

Next, we’re talking about Awareness as the first step. Can you give us a brief definition of Awareness in this context?

Awareness is the first step in building the customer’s curiosity. This is where they learn about you for the first time. It’s your first opportunity to show why you’re different and what their journey or experience might look like with you. 

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