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With a widget on your website that lets shoppers try on clothes virtually

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  • You’re competing with massive marketing budgets (and teams)
  • You’re frustrated with rapidly changing social media algorithms
  • You’re small and you’re doing it all
  • You’re feeling like you may not have what it takes

What if…

  • You knew exactly who your ideal customers are and what they want?
  • You were able to offer a personalized shopping experience?
  • Your customers became the ambassadors for your online store?
What if you had the confidence, skills and tools to stand out from the crowd – increase exposure, engage customers and convert sales?

…and it was fun!

Try on clothes virtually with Puctto




Shoppers are more likely to buy when they can see themselves in an outfit.


Confidence increases even more when looks are shared with friends.

Why we created PUCTTO.

With over 20 years experience in creating products, building online businesses and running social media-led growth strategies, we understand how difficult it is. You’re trying to keep your head above water while creating new products, building websites, keeping up with social media PLUS trying to get customers to engage and buy your products while receiving exceptional customer service every step of the way. Who would do this to themselves right?!

Guess what. It’s about to get easier.

Our mission is simple. We help you build a successful online retail store by learning about your best customers, developing personalized shopping experiences for them, and helping shoppers engage with you through simple and effective technology.


Belinda and Crystal

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